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Different methods are appropriate for different contexts.

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Varied Teaching Methods are Important to be a Good Teacher

   Effective teaching approaches are of great importance for a teacher in the class, because good methods can make things get twice the result with half the effort. In English classes, teaching methods determine activities of teachers and students and the quality of the teaching process. Appropriate teaching approaches can not only help students acquire language skills well but also motivate their learning interest and thinking abilities.  

   It’s important to familiarize the learning intelligence types before thinking about teaching approaches as they are tightly interactional. According to Howard Gardner, there are eight intelligence types such as visual, verbal, logical learners etc.. Each intelligence type owns the optimal learning style. Gardner also argues that schools and teachers should teach in a way that supports all types of intelligences, not just the traditional ones such as linguistic and logical intelligences.

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Thus, teachers should better know about all the students and their intelligence types so as to develop effective teaching methods and activities that meet the full range of learners need and teach them in the best way possible. For young learners, musical approach and TPR will be popular, but for teenagers, lexical method will be greatly helpful to build their language fluency. Visual learners will be benefit from some visual teaching aids such as flashcards, posters and charts; while auditory learners tend to study well with more songs, dialogues and recorded lectures.  

However, as people possess different intelligences and intelligences usually work together in a complex way, it’s hard to claim which approach is the best. What’s more, there is no a single approach that can fit all. The most important thing a teacher can aspire to develop as wide a range of teaching methods as possible and use the most appropriate ones to promote optimal learning for each moment of learning while teaching.

Besides, no method can be recommended for every context. Different methods are appropriate for different contexts. This requires teachers to combine the context, teaching syllabus with teaching methods. In one class, teachers may use a dialogue or video to lead in, use communicative approach to practice the conversation and lexical method to remember words and vocabularies. Multiple combinations can be used to ensure sufficient opportunities for thorough assimilation of content.

So teachers should always keep learning and contrive different pragmatic teaching methods for the classroom. Learning from experienced teachers or videos, attending training courses are both good ways to improve.

In addition, the most important, I think, in English teaching is to ensure a natural, safe, and non-competitive atmosphere so that students are greatly inspired and feel equal and free to express. Teachers should love and respect every student and make them being liked. A successful teacher should be the one who love students and also try to offer them the most effective and varied teaching approaches.  



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