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The importance of TESOL teachers preparing for classroom games

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When TESOL teachers teach students English, they find that some things they thought were impossible or too challenging can bring more confidence to children. Speaking in front of the whole class, reciting a speech or dialogue, and being put on the scene usually bring great challenges to students, which often leads to loss of self-esteem and confidence. Although serious practice and formal testing are part of learning, the confidence to face these challenges is cultivated in different environments. TESOL teachers prepare classroom games to provide a relaxed and interesting environment for language learners, so that they can easily try English, reduce the fear of making mistakes, and encourage them to practice and accumulate experience, all of which will cultivate self-confidence and further improve their ability to use English.


In order for students to seize the opportunity and start practicing, we need a low-pressure environment in which inexperience and mistakes can not only be allowed, but also be expected and entertained. Being able to speak freely with peers and laugh off mistakes is the first step to gain self-confidence, and one way to create this atmosphere is games. There is a common goal in TESOL classroom, that is, using English is the only way to achieve this goal, which will lead to funny interaction, in which students can playfully try the language and gain the practice and experience needed to use English with confidence.

The TESOL curriculum relieves stress through games, while TESOL teachers provide achievable challenges that can immediately change the way students practice. When they realize that mistakes with friends can be fun and interesting, rather than being put in front of their peers and make them feel embarrassed and ashamed, they will enter a positive feedback cycle and gain confidence and experience. At the same time, they will be driven to practice more.

Although games do play a vital role in cultivating students' confidence, TESOL teachers can choose and create the right games to determine the success of this. All kinds of games can give every student the opportunity to show their talents and indulge their self-confidence. Learners with different intelligence levels are usually good at different types of games. Using various games challenging different skill types is a good way to ensure that every student has the opportunity to contribute their most comfortable way of thinking.

When TESOL teachers create games, it is important to understand how students can most confidently learn and integrate all aspects of language generation and acceptance skills. TESOL teachers cycle through reading, writing, listening or speaking centered games, which not only provides students with a variety of learning opportunities, but also gives students with different intelligences the opportunity to gain confidence when playing games suitable for their learning style.

TESOL teachers provide this scenario to students through games, so that they can use the language like their mother tongue. Compared with English, they have the greatest confidence in their mother tongue. When students realize that practice and mistakes are not necessarily shameful or terrible, it opens the door to the world of self-confidence.

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