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In the field of education, and for students, the most obvious progress can be seen and heard through two specific modes of production, namely, the production skills of speaking and writing. However, it is important to ask, how important are these production skills? From the perspective of TESOL teachers, they must understand that when individuals want to talk to each other, there is a reason why they have a purpose, what they need to say, what they need to hear, or they are interested in what they say. When TESOL teachers can understand this, they can come up with and create a meaningful reason for students to want to communicate.


In the field of oral English, fluency and accuracy are both crucial. First, introduce the accuracy, because TESOL teachers can help students create appropriate language, and then fluency. Students can combine and use the learned content correctly by creating dialogue by themselves. As stated in TESOL training, "accuracy and fluency are equally important", so their necessity should be pointed out. Through training, students have the potential to fully understand and speak English fluently, and the two activities will complement each other. For example, students will have the potential to fully understand and speak English fluently. Oral English is an important skill. With the introduction of words, phrases and grammar, students' understanding ability can and will be expanded, which will open more and more doors. Each door can be extended in the form of inquiry questions and deepen their understanding of English.

Writing is really different from speaking in many ways. Although there are physical differences, such as the way of speaking makes use of language organs, and the way of writing requires tools such as technology or paper and pen, it should be noted that TESOL teachers should recognize and apply "many of the same factors as oral English classes" to students. A key aspect of writing is spelling. It is important to distinguish words with the same pronunciation but different spelling. Therefore, TESOL teachers must be able to help students use words correctly. In addition, TESOL teachers also need to be able to encourage students to write, so they can use activities and aspects such as creative writing to ensure that students can remain efficient while maintaining their focus and interest.

TESOL teachers can effectively guide the classroom when they understand the importance of these two production skills, the reasons why people want to communicate, and the ways to instill inspiration and desire in students. Using the curriculum plan, including participation, learning and activation, writing and speaking skills can be properly honed and trained. Accurate and fluent oral production skills are very important for students to create language correctly and use language creatively for communication. In addition, writing output skills are also important to ensure that students understand differences in vocabulary and spelling, which in turn helps future readers of what they produce speak and write correctly. TESOL teachers need to teach these skills so that English students can improve themselves and constantly improve themselves through creative writing and speaking activities.

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