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Complexity and importance of TESOL teachers' Classroom Management (Part I)

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Today, small classes are becoming more and more popular, especially in language courses, because it encourages students to participate and interact with TESOL teachers and peers. Unlike large classes with 25 or more students, small classes need less TESOL teacher guidance and more students' discussion and cooperation. Therefore, TESOL teachers should adopt effective classroom management strategies and apply them to the classroom.


TESOL teachers benefit from the flexibility of seating arrangement due to the small class size, which ensures the successful implementation of the activity. In order to provide different types of activities, TESOL teachers provide seating arrangements, including orderly rows, circles and horseshoes, as well as separate tables, which provide choices for group, individual, double and group work in the whole class. For example, when TESOL teachers give lectures, give instructions or maintain discipline before activities, orderly arrangement is the best arrangement, because this arrangement forces students to pay attention to the teacher's language and gestures. In another case, during the activation process, the circle and horseshoe provide a more equal and intimate relationship between students and teachers, because the classroom has no front or back, and students can communicate with each other orally and nonverbally. If students are asked to share their thoughts and opinions on a topic, circles and horseshoes are the best way for them to communicate without TESOL teachers' interruption.

TESOL teachers' maintaining discipline is an ideal environment for classroom teaching. A well disciplined classroom can enable TESOL teachers to follow the pre-determined plans in textbooks, create more opportunities for teachers and students, and better cooperate in the stage of classroom participation, learning and activation. However, TESOL teachers' courses are not always smooth sailing, especially for young beginners who lack learning desire and ambition. For most young beginners, learning another language is driven by their parents' orders rather than their own needs, so many students take it for granted that they are not under pressure to achieve satisfactory results. In addition, considering language classes as nurseries where children can learn to some extent, some parents do not expect their children to benefit greatly from them, which worsens the fact that there are no effective goals or assessments to promote students to learn another language. In this case, some students will chat in class and distract TESOL teachers by answering irrelevant questions.

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