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Basic qualities that TESOL teachers should possess (Part 2)

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TESOL teachers must be self-motivated and thoughtful about the courses they bring to the classroom. How can TESOL teachers' carefully prepared, creative and thoughtful activities inspire and attract students more effectively than those without direction and full thinking.


It is important that TESOL teachers be observant and consistent with their students. Although participation and motivation are important, TESOL teachers should not focus so much on their goals and energy that they forget to pay attention to their students, their possible responses, or what they may need at the moment. TESOL teachers need to be good at listening and set aside time and space to observe students. Through observation, TESOL teachers can assess students' acceptance and progress.

As mentioned earlier, each student's learning style is different, so TESOL teachers need to be able to observe which students may need additional or different guidance. In some cases, it may be that the whole class does not receive activities or courses as TESOL teachers want. In this case, if TESOL teachers and students are consistent, they will notice the disconnection and adjust accordingly. When I was in class, TESOL teacher asked briefly, "do you understand?" And it doesn't seem to notice the students' lack of response or rigid expression, so we move on without actually understanding the materials. TESOL teachers' ability to perceive students' position in the learning process is very important to maintain the most effective relationship with them and the course at hand.

If a TESOL teacher is enthusiastic, dedicated, active and observant, they should be able to create an interesting and comfortable learning environment for students and teach effectively and appropriately according to their needs. As a TESOL teacher, having these qualities is very helpful in teaching experience. However, teaching is also a continuous learning process, and TESOL teachers will continue to strive to reflect these qualities more effectively and consistently.

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