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TESOL teachers' cross-cultural communication in class

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Students always go against the current in their language journey, and TESOL teachers should always be willing to provide help. However, without realizing students' cultural values, beliefs and ideas, TESOL teachers' help may put students in an awkward or embarrassing situation, which is not desirable. How can TESOL teachers avoid these practices? Of course, there is no simple answer. Nevertheless, it may be helpful in this matter, such as basic cultural awareness, apprenticeship mentality, facilitator method and good sense of humor.


Even two people from the same family will have different reactions to the same situation. When it comes to people from different cultures, their reactions, ideas, lifestyles and beliefs will be very diverse, not better or worse, just diversity. Therefore, it is obviously very helpful for TESOL teachers to study the basic cultural points of a culture, such as dress codes, major religions and so on.

TESOL teachers take this into account. The next step is to realize that in order to communicate effectively, TESOL teachers need to constantly understand the cultural background of students, that is, apprenticeship mentality. A good apprentice is always observing, asking and learning. For example, a TESOL teacher always asks for advice from experienced teachers and friends, and even discusses some problems with students that can be clarified with their opinions. If TESOL teachers avoid playing the traditional role of lecturer, it is always more natural and natural to ask students for help or clarification.

On the contrary, TESOL teachers can remember that the role of facilitator often makes students more relaxed and easier to talk about sensitive or embarrassing things. Asking questions and learning about another culture can lead to inevitable mistakes or interesting situations. When this happens, there is nothing to do but a sense of humor and laughter. Mistakes are a part of life. If you have the right attitude, these mistakes may not lead to very bad results, so we welcome everyone to laugh and make things simple and true.

There is no doubt that cultural sensitivity is the basic requirement of a TESOL teacher. At the same time, there is no formula or simple method to cultivate it. However, with the correct attitude, the help and learning willingness of the surrounding people, TESOL teachers should help students.

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