TESOL Advanced Course Certificate

Certificate: TESOL Advanced
Training Duration: 20 Hours
Class Type: Online and In-Class
Teaching Material: Textbook and Exam Booklet
Favorable Price:

TESOL Advanced Course Certificate

Certificate: TESOL Advanced   

Training Duration: 20 Hours

Class type: Online and In-Class

Teaching material: Textbook and Exam Booklet

TESOL Advanced Course-Brief Introduction

American TESOL advanced course is equipped with 1 Textbook and DVD teaching demo   CD. After completing this American TESOL advanced course, you will be qualified to teach English in the adult age group. Teacher is a very useful profession, and English teaching is fun, creative and stable. Through the study of American TESOL course, you can obtain the Advanced Certificate of English teaching teacher qualification, which will make you qualified to teach English courses for adults. Many people believe that teaching adult English will not only get a lot of fun from it, but also put infinite enthusiasm into it. This enthusiasm is reflected in the creative teaching plan. The teaching contents of TESOL advanced courseinclude   Rassia's method, Interactive teaching method and Conversational teaching method. Using comprehensive teaching methods can ensure your students' success.

TESOL Learners

1.English teachers: English teachers in primary and secondary schools and English education institutions who are interested in improving their teaching level and seeking long-term development;

2. College students: junior and above; Students who have passed CET-4 or CET-6 or above; Those who are interested in English teaching and education;

3. Foreigners in China: foreigners whose first language is English who like foreign culture and want to engage in English education in China or around the world;

4.People of other professions: those who are interested in English education, have good English ability, and hope to enter the field of English teaching through professional training.

Registration qualification

1. TESOL for Children Course require a bachelor's degree and English proficiency of CET-4 and CET-6

2. Advanced and higher level courses require bachelor degree or above,TEM-8, or IELTS 6 or above


(1) Registration Method: on-the-spot registration, website and wechat (ID: 13241000737)registration.

(2) Registration Materials: provide the original of one inch bareheaded photo, Identity Card , Diploma, degree certificate, etc.   Current students need to provide the original of student ID .

Those who meet the requirements fill in the examination registration form, pay the deposit and take the teaching materials. The deposit   is 1000rmb. The deposit is non refundable but can be rescheduled. It is valid within half a year from the date of registration.

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