All of our instructors are highly experienced in education field. They got over 15+ years teaching experiences all over the world. We provide the best TEFL/TESOL training with our most professional trainer. It's worth to take your TESOL Certification course with us.

Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training
U.S. Department of Education Recognized Agency

American TES0L Institute (ATI) began training students to teach English overseas in 2004, and provides TESOL training. Online TESOL certifications in teaching English to children and teaching business professionals English are available.

Optional job placement is provided to graduates of American TESOL in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, or Online.
Join American TESOL Institute forTESOL teacher trainingand job placement teaching English abroad. There are opportunities in a variety of ESL programs worldwide.OL certifications in teaching English to children and teaching business professionals English are available.

Upon completion of a TESOL certification course individuals can teach English as a second language worldwide. American TESOL graduates receive optional ESL job placement teaching English abroad. and teach non-native English speakers the basics of English while living and working abroad. TESOL and TEFL teachers are trained to meet general academic requirements for teaching ESL which provide opportunities for ATI teachers to excel in a variety of environments. English as a Second Language courses are offered globally in most public and private school systems. There is a strong demand for American TESOL teachers at schools and Universities worldwide.

American TESOL Institute (ATI) was incorporated in 2004 to meet the global demand for professionally trained English teachers, and provides TESOL Certification. American TESOL Institute's mission is the standardizing of an introductory English teacher training program for individuals wishing to teach English abroad.
These are the four major components of this ongoing assessment process
The development and implementation of institutional and program goals and objectives that focus upon a continuing education mission
A comprehensive, analytic self-evaluation review and report by the institution
An on-site professional peer review to evaluate the adequacy and accuracy of the self-evaluation
An independent review and decision by the Accrediting Commission as an assessment of the institution’s commitment to and compliance
After becoming certified with American TESOL Institute, a job placement support team helps in obtaining a teaching job. TESOL Job Placement provides teaching opportunities in Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Latin America, or anywhere else in the world where ESL positions are available. American TESOL provides volunteer and paid teaching jobs at schools or private organizations abroad, and paid or volunteer internships inside the USA. Graduates also have the option to pursue online and freelance teaching jobs. Job placement is optional with TESOL certification.
American TESOL Institute provides self evaluation reports to ensure teacher trainers receive an important, quality, and professional educational experience. As a global corporation based in Tampa, Florida, USA, American TESOL Institute works to provide quality teacher training, and give graduates the option to pursue a job teaching English abroad.
Online TESOL Certification gives the opportunity to complete studies using the world wide web. Practical ESL experience is acquired with an online teaching internship.
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