Experts in English Teacher Training
The TESOL China trainers are professionals in the field who are experienced in teaching English and dedicated to training English teachers. All of our teacher trainers have a masters degree, at minimum, and most have either TEFL or TESOL Expert certification and extensive practical teaching experience in a variety of contexts. Most importantly, The TESOL China trainers are passionate about what they do and consistently strive to serve the diverse needs of their EFL students and TEFL trainees.
In-Class TESOL Course Instructors
         TESOL Instructor

Mike  is a TESOL Instructor based in Beijing. He has been teaching english for 12 years.

An active member of the ELT community both online and offline, he’s a frequent speaker in international ELT conferences, such as American TESOL  and TESOL International Association.    

Jonathan  has been a TESOL professional for almost 15 years.  He took the Trinity TESOL  course at  London in 2008 and has been a teacher trainer and course designer since then. He also holds project management certificates and runs a consulting firm focused on education management and teacher training in Beijing, China.
TESOL Examiner  
TESOL Advisor

Jessica was born in California. In 2016 she completed the Trinity Cert TESOL in Florida. after two years teaching at an international school in China. She is interested in helping other TESOL Alumni to find jobs not only in China but around the world and is now the Course Coordinator and Careers Advisor at TESOL in China. She enjoys teaching, traveling, and swimming.

TESOL Online Course Instructors
Online TESOL Instructor

Cindy earned her Master's in Education in ESL from the University California.  Cindy  has fifteen years’ experience teaching English, nine of which were spent working with high school students in rural North Carolina. She also has experience teaching abroad in Germany, where she worked as a private ESL tutor for five years. She’s deeply interested in the interplay between educational management, business English and methods/approaches.

Ann Leonard has a B.A. in Germanic Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.A. in TESOL from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. She has been in the field of adult language education since 1991, starting as an English teacher in Germany and then later in Japan. In the States, Ann has taught general and academic English and has presented at International TESOL in addition to local TESOL conferences. Ann’s area of specialty in the field of TEFL is curriculum development for effective pedagogy in online instruction. She is a BridgeTEFL tutor and an instructor for the graduate-level, online Bridge TESOL course, the International Diploma in English Language Teaching (IDELTOnlineTM).

TESOL Examiner
Online Tutors
Ashli Lovitt

Ashli has been teaching English since 2002, in both the United States and Costa Rica. She has a Bachelor’s in Linguistics from the University of Washington, a Master’s in Education from Arizona State University, and TEFL certification. Her teaching experience ranges from working as a special education teacher in a school with a high English language learner population, to teaching Business English in Central America. In addition to being a BridgeTEFL tutor, Ashli currently, she teaches English at a university in Germany.

Gabriela, or “Gabby,” has over 20 years' experience Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). She has worked as a classroom TEFL teacher for more than 10 years and as an online tutor for about 8 years. She has experience teaching a variety of levels and ages, in settings ranging from preschools to large corporations, and everything in between. She has an Associate's in ESL Education and a Bachelor's in Public Technical Literary Translation. She has also completed extensive post-graduate work in TESOL, including at the University of Santa Barbara, CA.

Katie Henley
Gabriela Torregiani

Katie earned her B.A. degree in French and her M.A. degree in TESL/TEFL from Colorado State University in 2000. After graduation, she has taught English to speakers of other languages at intensive English programs in Colorado and Wisconsin. She loves the science, art, and pedagogy of language acquisition and has studied several languages herself, including French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, and Arabic. Katie always aims to share passion for language learning with her students and BridgeTEFL trainees. In her spare time, Katie writes fiction and relaxes.

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